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Our Most Recent Meeting

On April 18th 2023, the board of directors of “l’association des familles Chevarie Inc. met.
There have been few meetings, due to the pandemic, over the past three years. But, there appears to be a resumed interest especially in the World Acadian Congress scheduled for August 10th to 18th, 2024 in the Clare/Argyle region of Nova Scotia. The main discussion was wether the Chevarie, Chavarie and the Cheverie’s should have a reunion during this time.
According to our surveys:
  • There are few Chevarie in the general area of the 2024 congress
  • Locally there is limited interest
  • Our numbers would be minimal even if we joined with another family
Therefore the association will not be organizing a reunion but do encourage our members to participate.
You can visit the cma2024.ca site for more information on activities.