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Our Most Recent Meeting

On September 12, 2023, the seven membres of the board of directors of association des familles Chevarie Inc. had a meeting. The main purpose of the meeting was to prepare the annual meeting of the association, which will be held at 2;00 pm on Sunday October 15, 2023, in the small meeting room of the Centre Communautaire de St-Charles. All interested persons are welcomed. Included is the agenda for the meeting. The three-year mandate for two of the board members, i.e., Donald Chevarie and Rita Chavarie ends this year. Rita Chavarie, Vice President and Secretary wants to run for another term, While Donald Chevarie, President will not run again. Those interested to sit on the board should contact the chairperson of the nominating committee, Huguette Chevarie at 506-860-7278 or donhug@rogers.com .

Many of our members have probably hear the sad news of the passing of Leo Cheverie, originally from Souris, PEI. He was the person responsible for the gathering of our families Cheverie/Chevarie/Chavarie, during the world acadian congress in 2019. He had always been our contact person for the Cheverie of PEI. We will miss him greatly.