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The Chevarie family had a very successful reunion in 1993 in Souris Prince Edward Island. Unfortunately, our families were never represented at the "Congrès mondial acadien" held in 1994 (New Brunswick), 1999 (Louisiana), or 2004 (Nova Scotia).

"L'Association des familles Chevarie Inc." was created to ensure that we will be represented during future Congrès mondiaux acadien.

Of course, it is expected that between those five year intervals reunions will be held.

The aim of the Association is not only to hold such gatherings, but also to ensure that the Chevarie name is promoted through the recognition of past and present contributions of Chevarie in their community, to participate in research that would enhance the standing of Chevarie within the global Acadian community.

The working language of the Association is French; however, the association will endeavour to satisfy the linguistic needs of its members.

You can reach us at:
379 chemin St.-Charles nord
St.-Charles, N.-B. E4W 4R8
Tel.: 506-876-2716 and 506-860-7278.
Courriel: donhug@rogers.com

Participation: The Chevarie, their descendants, and significant others can become members of the Association.

Scheduled reunion: August 2019 during the Congrès mondial acadien 2019 in Prince Edward Island